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Air Traffic Management systems have traditionally relied on dedicated and often bespoke pieces of equipment to perform specific tasks. Supporting this equipment has required sound electronic and mechanical engineering knowledge.

The drive to modernise airspace and its associated systems is underpinned by an increased reliance on core technologies such as IP networking, virtualisation, and various versions of the Linux Operating System, amongst many others. Such skills often do not overlap with the more traditional ones associated with engineers supporting existing ATM systems, and go beyond those mandated for ATSEP.

NATS recognises these new demands being placed on engineers and has produced several courses designed to provide the fundamentals of modern core technologies. Whereas generic skills courses available elsewhere may provide a good overall grounding on each topic, our courses also provide the necessary context around the unique complexities and constraints of safety-critical ATM systems. With NATS, you will learn the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’.

All our courses include plenty of practical activities, many of which can be delivered online. Read on to find out how NATS can help you bring your core skillset up to date.

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