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We can offer a number of other wind farm services to help with the planning process. They are all designed to make sure that the best solution is reached, for both ATC providers and developers.

Every scenario is different and so our bespoke consultancy services will be tailored to your specific situation – we will also be open and honest in our evaluations and will tell you if currently no practical solution is possible.  In the first instance, please contact us to discuss whether our consultancy services can assist in progressing your project.

Consultancy services

Mitigation solutions

Our consultancy services can be invaluable to both ATC providers and to developers. Whether the aviation issues relate to airspace, procedures, radar coverage or operational impact, NATS can help in developing and implementing a mitigation strategy using our operational and technical expertise.

We can offer a range of techniques, such as blanking out areas, infilling, fitting new surveillance assets or moving assets to a different location.

Operational agreements

These contracts are an agreement between the developer and NATS and contain information about what is needed for the development to happen. They include the agreed mitigation schemes and enable the planning process to proceed smoothly.

Field trials

The pre-planning process will raise several questions that need to be investigated. This might well necessitate field trials, which NATS can carry out. Our field trials service includes site surveys and data analysis.

Impact analysis

We can analyse the impact of the wind farm and offer options studies across all the assets, such as communications and navigation sites. By looking at the various options, and the impact they will have, we can help you decide on the best way forward for the development.

Training and awareness of ATC operations

This training course provides an overview of ATC and increases the awareness of how ATC operates. It also explains:

  • How wind farms effect radars
  • The technology of radar systems
  • The safeguarding process
  • Why airports and air traffic service providers object to developments
  • The latest technologies being developed to mitigate wind turbines
  • The roles of airports, ATC providers and other stakeholders.

The course is brought to life through using real-life case studies to illustrate the wide range of topics covered.

We also offer courses tailored to your requirements, whether you are a developer, airport, local authority or ATS provider.

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