ATSEP Basic TDD9100

NATS Technical Training Services offers the full Air Traffic Safety Electronic Personnel (ATSEP) portfolio either individually or as part of a comprehensive Engineering Technician Scheme. We have expertise in equipment training that can only be gained by an Air Navigation Service Provider training to its own demanding requirements

BASIC training imparts fundamental knowledge of the Communications, Navigation, Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) environment as well as skills applicable to all ATSEPs.

ATSEP BASIC Course Objectives

  • Describe the ATM work environment
  • Describe the role of ATC in the ATM environment
  • Define the organisation of AIS
  • State the impact of meteorology on aircraft and ATS operations and explain the importance of meteorological information in ATM
  • Explain the principles used in Voice & Data Communications
  • Explain the basic principles of navigation aids and describe their use in ATM
  • Explain the principles used in Primary Radar, Secondary Radar and other Surveillance systems, and describe their use in ATM operations
  • Explain the principles used in data processing and describe their use in ATM operations
  • Define the SMC function and describe its basic principles
  • Describe general maintenance strategy and procedures
  • Describe facilities and define the level of performance required

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