ATSEP Shared TDD9101

NATS has one of the most respected and experienced Human Factors teams in the world, comprising fully trained psychologists and engineers who are who are constantly researching new ways to ensure optimum safety and efficiency in human performance through the use of technology and training.

All our ATC courses are approved and meet European and/or International Civil Aviation standards.

They have designed this ATSEP shared module in three parts:

Safety Management

NATS, one of the world’s first air traffic management providers to implement a safety management system to all of its operational activities, has a superb safety record. This explains the underlying requirement for all form of safety management within the ATM environment.

Health and Safety Management

Effectively managing for Health and Safety is not just about having a safety management system. The success of whatever process or system is in place depends on the attitudes and behaviours of your most important asset, the people in your organisation. This explores the potential hazards that they may encounter in the ATM environment and the processes and procedures required to maintain their well being.

Human Factors

This module highlights the effect human behaviour, with all its abilities and limitations, has on aviation safety and the role that Human Factors play in an effective aviation safety system.

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