ATSEP Surveillance TDD9105

Our Eurocontrol compliant ATSEP Surveillance Qualification course has been specially designed to provide apprenticeship level engineers with the all the required underpinning knowledge to transition onto our specialist equipment courses.

We have over 15 years’ experience of training to a competency-based training scheme.

This 10 day course is delivered using an award winning (TAP) blended learning style and is 50% theory and 50% practical.

The generic theoretical Surveillance concepts are presented using real world RADAR systems used by a world class ANSPs and cover the following topics;

  • Full operation of Primary Surveillance Systems (Surface Movement, Approach and En-Route)
  • Full operation of Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Systems (Traditional 3A/C and Mode S)
  • Operation of Multilateration Systems
  • Operation of Automatic Dependant Surveillance Systems (Broadcast (ADS-B) and Contract (ADS-C)
  • Operation of Air Traffic Controller, Pilot and Engineering Control and Monitoring Human Machine Interfaces
  • Surveillance Data Networks
  • ATSEP Safety Attitude in the operation

We know that engineers learn best through practical means therefore the following practical labs has been set up to concrete the theoretical ideas covered throughout the course;

  • Six Primary Surveillance System practical’s are covered using our own fully operation miniature PSR Labvolt RADAR which can operate using either Movement Target Detection or Moving Target Indication processing techniques as used out in field
  • An extensive practical workbook that guides students through our very own fully operational Raytheon Mark 2 European Mode S Secondary Surveillance RADAR system as used at all of our NATS operational RADAR sites
  • Demonstrations of PSR/SSR performance and control/monitoring is carried out on NATS real life systems in a training environment featuring real live RADAR plot data analysis. Demonstrations are carried out on our En-Route Control and Monitoring System (ERCAMS) and Surveillance Monitor Display (SMD) systems
  • A Site Visit to a fully operational NATS combined (PSR/SSR) RADAR site where we tie all these subjects covered together and finally see these complex systems operating out in the field providing live RADAR data to ATC

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