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Every engineering project at an airport or at a centre has many different elements. These might include technology, legislation, people change, procedural change, safety management and programme management. Your difficulty lies in finding a partner with experience in them all.

Our approach is to look at the benefit you want and work back from that.

Our approach is to look at the benefit you want to achieve and work back from that.

NATS Engineering ensures all your technology and infrastructure solutions are transitioned seamlessly. Each year we carry out a large number of projects for airport customers worldwide, providing you with valuable experience at every phase. We can offer a total solution that takes into account every element, from local community buy-in to meeting world-class regulatory compliance standards.

While equipment providers traditionally carry out these projects, our expertise combined with our operational experience means you can trust that your products comply with all legislative and operational requirements and that the technology we recommend is best for the job.

We have proven experience in managing new solutions from inceptions to completion.

Benefit from our experience

As well as working in the regulatory environment, we have worked for many years on international contracts in the unregulated Air Traffic Control market, building up a deep working knowledge. Our expertise has been forged in all types of airports, including Heathrow in the UK – the busiest and most constrained airspaces in the world.

Our approach is to look at the benefit you want to achieve and work back from that. We are able to do this because our all-round experience allows us to bridge both the operational and engineering communities.

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