Customer forums

Working with us: our forums

We believe in working in partnership to understand more closely your concerns and increase the likelihood of delivering solutions. Over the years, we’ve evolved this approach to create a range of customer forums to ensure our business aims are as aligned as much as possible with yours.

Operational Partnership Agreement

We focus on operational priorities for the next 12-18 months to smooth demand v capacity issues and manage short-term projects while agreeing on operational performance targets.

Flight Efficiency Partnership

Quick-wins and tactical improvements to flight profiles characterise our work here. We also look at ways to improve flight efficiency with trial projects.

Safety Partnership Agreement

Working in partnership with you and others across the industry to identify and resolve specific safety issues.

NATS and Business Jet Forum

By reviewing the previous period’s business jet activity, we can identify more accurately the forthcoming peaks and how to manage them effectively.

Lead Operator Working Group and Carrier Panel

Working collaboratively with customers on the technical aspects of airspace design with the aim of agreeing concept and design at an earlier stage, and supporting efficient delivery of NATS airspace programme.

Service and Investment Plan Consultation

We consult with you on proposed investment and our performance against our targets aiming to deliver safety, service and value. This is done on a collective and one-to-one basis.

Future Airspace Strategy Industry Implementation Group

The CAA’s Future Airspace Strategy (FAS) considers the modernisation of the UK’s Air Traffic Management (ATM) System, including the structure of UK airspace, the routes flown and technology used to separate safely aircraft and expedite the flow of traffic. Here, a broad range of aviation stakeholders are represented.