Consultation materials

Below are links to key consultation materials:

Open correspondence is published here (for example, letters by MPs):

The public webinars consist of a presentation (c.20-30 minutes), with Q&As for the remainder of the hour.

NATS-LLA staff behind the scenes received questions from the audience, which were read out in the presentation and answered by the appropriate expert.

Some webinars had webcam and/or voice interactions where members of the public asked questions to the panel and took an active part in the discussions.

Relevant questions and answers in each webinar were collated and added to the FAQs area.

Each was recorded, and they are available below.

This list will periodically be updated as the consultation progresses.

You are welcome to sign up to any of the remaining webinars, please click here to register.

All public webinars are recorded and will be published online

We want to make these webinars available for other people to view, who may not be able to attend. The webinars will be audio and video recorded and/or broadcast through web streaming, and will be made publicly available on websites such as the NATS Vimeo area, LLA’s website, this Virtual Exhibition, the CAA, published on other digital media, and available to anyone who may wish to view. Recordings © NATS-LLA 2020 all rights reserved.