Hybrid Towers

Advancing airport vision

Unlock efficiency opportunities to grow airport capacity and capability with a new digital extension for your air traffic control tower.

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Real time panoramic camera views

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These camera views of distant areas and parts of the airport that are obscured from direct view of controllers in the Tower are sent in real time to each operational position in the tower - improving their ability to monitor all areas of the airport.

Augmented, AI enhanced experience

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A Hybrid Tower equips each controller with focused information and intelligent support, providing even more efficient and seamless decision-making.

Our augmented view lets your controllers overlay real-time operational data. The system can label each aircraft, tracking objects of interest, and showing the location of taxiway centrelines and other key airfield information.

Like any Searidge Technologies digital tower solution, a Hybrid Tower gives your team access to Aimee, an advanced AI-based solution for ATC and airport efficiency.

Shared operational views for all

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One system, all-encompassing perspective: A Hybrid Tower doesn't just provide your controllers unparalleled clarity of vision and enhanced capability. These same views and tools can be shared with other airport stakeholders, letting you benefit from increased collaboration and wider efficiency.

One system, integrating two operations: Work seamlessly across diverse operational teams (ANSP and Airport Operator), to deliver better coordination and closer collaboration.

Full contingency

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Once a Hybrid Tower is deployed, the camera views can be shared to any location. This includes a 100% capacity contingency facility, if your physical tower is ever non-operational. This set-up has the advantage of providing controllers with an identical visibility experience, so you can get your operation running again more quickly.

Distributed cameras deliver precise, operation-specific visibility

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Give your air traffic controllers full control and the best possible personalised view. A Hybrid Tower provides enhanced situational awareness through distributed cameras, strategically located across the airport, letting controllers deliver vastly improved efficiency and safety.

Overcome reduced visibility

Keep operations moving, no matter the outlook. With cameras monitoring the final approach and runway exits, controllers can get an enhanced perspective even when their view from the tower is compromised by cloud, fog or sand.

Pin-point viewing

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Replace those old binoculars with the latest digital technology. Locate and automatically track even far away moving objects with up to 30x zoom 'digital binoculars'.

Smart investment for big Impact

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A Hybrid Tower uses technology to transform your ATM vision and asset capability, deliver tomorrow's performance today, at a lower cost. Traditionally, airport growth meant committing to heavy infrastructural investment. By removing the need for these investments, a Hybrid Tower releases valuable resources to invest in income generating assets.

Future-proof investment

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Hybrid Towers technology is infinitely scalable and can be adapted to meet any operational change, growth expansion plans and ATM vision. What you invest in today is expandable, repeatable and adaptable to any future strategy.

'Modular technology architecture blends into the ANSP ecosystem ensuring everything you invest in today is built upon to establish a next-generation airport.

'The technology is continuously developing. Searidge Technologies' powerful Artificial Intelligence tool, Aimee processes every flight to power smooth, safe operations today, enabling your seamless transition into a forward-looking future.

A Hybrid Tower creates a seamless pathway to “towerless” operations in the future, without any loss of ATM capability or performance.

Enhance existing tower asset value

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Hybrid Towers technology enables a highly cost-efficient asset upgrade by transforming airport performance without the need to build new towers on site or make major physical changes to your existing Tower.

Unrestricted expansion using existing assets

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Hybrid Towers' advanced ATM vision technology creates a digital extension to existing tower assets, advancing ATM capability, unlocking operational teams and Air Traffic Controllers' performance capacity. This lets airports plan expansion and capture growth within their existing infrastructure, at any scale. Allowing you to maximise current ATM asset performance.