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For when one size doesn't fit all

Today, digital towers are transforming the way air traffic is controlled. It’s a technology that’s making airports around the world safer, more flexible and efficient.

But beyond these universal benefits, there are a whole range of different reasons to consider digital tower technology. Maybe you need a cutting-edge control facility for a new or growing airport? Or you’re looking to upgrade a tower to handle more traffic?

Perhaps you want to replace an ageing tower to save on maintenance? Or to move a tower to make it more secure, or free up valuable space?

Maybe you’re looking to create a contingency facility, so your airport can keep running at full capacity, even if your main tower is out of action?

No one type of digital tower can meet all these different needs.

That’s why NATS and Searidge Technologies have created a range of five models.

Each is designed to address a different challenge while all operating on the same software platform and with access to the same range of smart tools and AI enabled enhancements.

Model 1

Digital Tower in Tower

A tower within a tower, using remote cameras to operate a small airfield from inside the tower of another ‘parent’ airport.

View Model 1 case study  

Model 2

Remote Digital Tower

A fully digital control tower for a single runway airport, which can be either on or off-site. Your ‘traditional’ digital tower.

View Model 2 case study  

Model 3

Remote Digital Tower+

A fully digital tower for more complex, mid-sized airports which require more cameras and screens. Can be operated within the airport or from another site.  

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Model 4

Hybrid Digital Tower

A hybrid digitised tower, ideal for upgrading and extending the capability of an existing physical tower at a larger airport by incorporating camera feeds and screens.

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Model 5

Hub Digital Tower

A fully digital tower, perfect for replacing a physical tower at a major, multi-runway, multi-terminal airport, or for creating an equally capable contingency facility.

View Model 5 case study  

What Digital Tower is right for you?

Use our simple tool here to identify which type of Digital Tower set-up is right for your operational needs. 

If you would like to know more, contact our Digital Towers expert, Andy Taylor, using the details and form below.

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Andy Taylor / Chief Solutions Officer

Andy is a former Controller and ATM expert with over 30 years in the industry. He is an expert in digital towers technology and would be happy to tell you more about our solutions, their features and the potential benefits they can bring to your operation.

You can also connect with Andy on Linked In at the following address:

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Digital towers powering the digital airport of tomorrow

More information

From Digital Tower to Digital Airport

The Digital Control Tower was once a niche concept. Now it’s a reality for a growing number of airports worldwide.

From London to Singapore via Budapest and Colorado, operations of all sizes and types are either going digital or preparing to do so.

This White paper explores the evolution of the digital tower concept to a digital airport reality.

It covers potential operational benefits including; regaining runway capacity in low visibility, dynamic stand management, approach monitoring, and capacity and resilience. 

Click the White paper cover to read online or the green download icon to read offline at your own leisure. 

You can also watch the videos below to find out more.


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