NATS Departure Route Proposal at London Stansted Airport

Consultation closed
Location - London
Airspace - Above 7000ft, Below 7000ft
Date closed - 08 September 2014

The feedback we received has been analysed. A feedback report of that analysis is available below.

This consultation is about a change to the use of existing London Stansted Airport departure routes heading to the southeast and east of the airport. It is driven by NATS at the air route network level, and supported by Stansted Airport which has a focus on low level routes in the vicinity of the airport.

This consultation is part of a wider programme to modernise the route system over London and the southeast; known as the London Airspace Management Programme or ‘LAMP’.

LAMP is being progressed by NATS which provides air traffic control for the route network across the whole of the UK. It involves collaboration between NATS and individual airports in the development of, and consultation on, changes to airspace management; collaboration ensures that modernisation achieves both network and local benefits.

What is this consultation about?

This consultation is for a proposal to formalise the use of existing alternative routes for Stansted Airport departures heading to the southeast and east.

No new routes are proposed – only different usage of existing routes. It would not involve changes to the airspace structure in the vicinity of Stansted Airport.

This consultation describes the proposal and its objectives in detail. It provides maps and data indicating areas that would see fewer overflights, and those that would see more.


The benefits of this are:

  • Reduced CO2
  • Reduced delay (for Stansted and neighbouring airports)
  • Reduction in the number of people regularly overflown during the day

Achieving these benefits would also mean that some people would be overflown more often.

Airlines may already choose to fly the alternative route, and are expected to do so increasingly in the future to avoid congestion. This proposal will ensure that the benefits of the alternative route are maximised.

The consultation opened 9am Monday 9th June and closed 9pm Monday 8th September 2014 (twelve weeks).

Consultation documents


The proposal will be submitted to the CAA on 19th November 2014. The airspace change guidance provided by the CAA states that: in the event that you wish to present new evidence or data for consideration prior to making their decision regarding the proposal, it must be submitted, in writing, to the following address:

Group Director Safety and Airspace Regulatory Group
CAA House
45-59 Kingsway

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