Jul 23 / Airspace Modernisation - Transforming the skies

Airspace Modernisation

Transforming the skies

Airspace – our invisible motorways in the sky – is the underpinning of the entire aviation industry. Vital to the safe operation of tens of thousands of flights every single day, it is an infrastructure relied on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to enhance the UK’s global connections. But it is also in need of a radical transformation.

In this episode of Altitude, we examine why airspace modernisation is such an important part of the industry’s response to the climate crisis and vital to the decarbonisation of the aviation sector. We look at NATS’ experience in delivering the UK’s largest airspace changes, the tools and technologies deployed, the challenges of transforming some of the world’s busiest airspace with views from across the industry and how close collaboration is the key to progress.

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