Apr 23 / How to become an Air Traffic Controller

How to become an Air Traffic Controller

NATS has just reopened recruitment for trainee air traffic controllers, but what does that process look like and what kind of career can successful candidates look forward to?

In this month’s Altitude we’re exploring the whole recruitment process, from understanding the requirements and the application process through to assessment and beyond. We’ll also be looking at the training, what’s involved and how candidates can best prepare for success.

Two experienced air traffic controllers will share their experiences of recruitment, training and validation and what it’s like to then put that learning into practice looking after some of the UK’s most congested airspace and one of its busiest control towers.

This is a chance for anyone with an interest in becoming a controller to put their questions to our panel. Is the job really stressful? What are the best and worst things about being a controller? What can you do to prepare ahead of applying?

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