Oct 21 / Recovery, Reopening and Resilience

Recovery, Reopening and Resilience

After a hiatus of 18 months, the World ATM Congress returns to Madrid at the end of the month, but what kind of show can we expect as the industry continues to feel the effects of the Covid crisis?

Despite encouraging signs of recovery, traffic levels remain far below pre-pandemic levels in many parts of world. Does that mean plans for expensive new technologies and ground-based infrastructure should remain on ice for the foreseeable future, or is now the perfect time to invest?

One thing is certain, being able to maximise the efficiency of existing runways and airspace, accurately model future demand, and prolong the life and enhance the capability of existing airport assets is going to be critically important over the coming years as traffic does begin return.

So, join us for an analysis of the global Air Traffic Management market on the eve of its biggest conference and trade show. Discover how ‘one size fits all’ digital towers are yesterday’s thinking, how optimising runway delivery can help cash strapped airports make smarter use of what they’ve already got, and why true operational predictability may finally be within reach.

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