ATC Training

Theoretical and practical simulator-based training


NATS training for High Intensity Operations (HIO) prepares controllers for working in some of the most demanding operational environments in the world. We offer training in both theoretical air traffic management and practical simulator-based training.

Our courses benefit from the support network of a world class air navigation service provider, including access to our en-route centres and airports such as Heathrow. Our instructors are experienced controllers, many of whom remain operationally valid, and our courses are supported by an industry-leading Human Factors department.


We provide the following courses:

  • ATC Training Courses (European & ICAO variants)
    • Basic
    • Aerodrome Rating
    • Approach Surveillance Rating
    • Area Surveillance Rating
    • Approach Procedural Rating
    • Area Procedural Rating
    • High Intensity Operations – Area
    • High Intensity Operations - Approach
    • High Intensity Operations - Aerodrome
  • OJTI (Trainer) Endorsement course (Article 197 Air Navigation Order)
  • EXM (Examiner) Endorsement course (Article 197 Air Navigation Order)
  • Classroom Techniques Course (Article 197 Air Navigation Order)
  • College Assessor Course (Article 197 Air Navigation Order)
  • Verifier course (Article 197 Air Navigation Order)
  • Unit Evaluator/Verifier Course (Article 197 Air Navigation Order)

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