Environmental, Social & Governance

Factoring impacts in our procurement decisions

Environmental & social impacts

We recognise that the products and services that we procure to support the delivery of our business activities can have considerable environmental and social impacts. Accordingly, we carefully consider these impacts and their effects into our procurement decisions.

Within the framework of commercial value and business efficacy, we select and work with those suppliers that are environmentally and socially sustainable, and who have strong stance and track record on business ethics and corporate governance.

Similarly we work with suppliers at tender and during contract execution to identify products and services which offer environmental benefits. As standard, we challenge suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of solutions developed to meet our requirements.

In meeting these principles we expect suppliers through assessment and continued working arrangements to demonstrate that they:

  • maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct in every aspect of their business, including their relationships, practices, sourcing and operations
  • have made a commitment to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions with a date and a credible plan to achieve it, and to openly report greenhouse gas emissions and progress. We encourage suppliers to set these plans in line with the standards and criteria listed on the Science Based Target website.
  • have developed implemented, and engage in environmentally responsible business practices
  • have taken all efforts to ensure that Modern Slavery, including bonded labour and child labour is not present in their supply chains,
  • treat employees with respect, and proactively ensure their workforces are diverse and inclusive of women, LGBT+, black and minority ethnicities, those with disabilities, and other protected characteristics.
  • pay permanent staff and directly engaged contractors the real living wage
  • understand the importance of working closely with their local communities, charities and other good causes and
  • strive to pay their supply chain on time by paying 95% of supplier invoices within agreed terms

More detail can be found in our Supplier Charter.


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