Orders, invoices & payment

Purchase Orders, invoicing and payment practices

Purchase Orders & Invoices

We create a unique Purchase Order for all ordered goods or services and suppliers must be in receipt of a valid Purchase Order number before providing goods and services unless payment will be made using a purchasing card. Providing goods or services without a valid purchase order will result in non-payment.

Purchase Orders are issued, and Invoices are received, electronically via the SAP Business Network (formerly called the Ariba Network) and our onboarding process requires suppliers to create an account with the network if they don’t already have one.

In exceptional circumstances, Purchase Orders may be issued as a PDF via email, with the expectation that invoices against those Purchase Orders only will also be received as a PDF via email to [email protected]. PDF invoices against Purchase Orders issued via the SAP Business Network will not be accepted.

Please note that we do not have the facility to receive paper invoices.

Payment Practices

Payment terms will be agreed with suppliers prior to contract award and these terms will be included within the official Purchase Order.

It is our policy to pay all suppliers in accordance with agreed terms.

In order to pay invoices promptly we require:

  • Accurate and timely invoices that include a valid Purchase Order number
  • Submission of the invoice either via the SAP Business Network, or, for Purchase Orders that have been issued as a PDF, a PDF invoice submitted via email to [email protected]

We will inform suppliers promptly when invoices are contested. Any complaints from suppliers regarding non-payment will be dealt with in an effective and timely manner.


For invoice/payment enquiries please contact: [email protected] 


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