Future Flight Challenge 

Exploring new ways to achieve greener flight, improve connectivity and alleviate congestion

Future Flight Challenge

As part of our vision to open the skies to new airspace users, NATS has been contributing our expertise to the Future Flight Challenge since 2018, a co-funded initiative between UK Research and Innovation and industry partners.  Future Flight aims to accelerate the introduction of Advanced Air Mobility, Beyond Visual Line of Sight drone operations and zero-emission aircraft in the UK.

Our primary focus is in developing technology and data solutions while exploring how we can harness automation to safely enhance connectivity utilising drones and electric vertical take off and landing vehicles (eVTOL).

To achieve this we are providing concepts of operation, conducting large scale flight simulations and developing procedures to gain regulatory approval for drone and eVTOL flight trials. By enabling live flight trials, we are demonstrating the viability of this new method of transport.

These projects also further our understanding of the impact new operators will have on existing air traffic management services, airports and airspace users.  This knowledge informs regulatory frameworks and procedures which bring us closer to the seamless integration and scalable inclusion of drones and eVTOLs into UK airspace.

Find out more about our current and past projects here:


Project AMEC

Demonstrating the feasibility of a UK Advanced Air Mobility ecosystem.


Project CAELUS

Trialling how an uncrewed traffic management system can enable medical deliveries.


Past projects

Past projects that have brought us closer to realising a new, integrated era of aviation.

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