Do you have the skills?

Being a successful Air Traffic Controller isn’t so much about your previous work experience or background. It’s to do with the way in which you approach problems, handle pressure and adapt to changing situations.

Ready to apply for a career in air traffic control?

Shape tracking, sequential memory, reactivity- do you have the skills?

We’ve developed a series of mini-games to help you decide whether it’s the kind of career that might be right for you.

They test a range of basic cognitive skills which are required by Controllers:

Shape tracking

shapeTrackingIcon3This game tests your ability to follow an element on screen, with each level increasing in difficulty.

Sequential memory

seqMemIcon3Correctly following a sequence of events suggests you are demonstrating a strong sequential memory.

Reactive avoidance

reacAv3This game recognises your spatial awareness ability and also highlights how you react in a pressured environment.

ATC landing game

atcLan3Guide aircraft on your radar safely to the runway to test your awareness and co-ordination.

Gateway game

gatGame3Organise aircraft safely in sequence to test your awareness and co-ordination.

Where next?

Training and Development

Training and Development
Details of our training, the essential skills you'll learn and where they can take you.

Benefits of being a Controller

Benefits of being a Controller
We offer an attractive package of rewards and benefits, even when you first join us for your training.

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