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Visualising our invisible infrastructure

Airspace TV

Welcome to Airspace TV — the home of airspace visualisation and explanation videos. Here you can see air traffic come to life through real-time data visualisations and learn more about airspace. 


Illuminating our invisible infrastructure — helping us see the unseen

Airspace playback

Watch the last 24 hours of air traffic from skies around the world.

Please note that; (1) all videos show time in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), and (2) if your selected video does not appear when you press play, it may be in the process of being updated, so refresh your page or try again later.


Bitesize explanations of airspace fundamentals

The future

Modernising airspace, with optimised route design and new technologies, will make air traffic management much more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Find out more in our future airspace video >>


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