Aeronautical Information Service

We provide this as a specified service under the Air Traffic Services Licence granted to us from the Minister of State for Transport.

NATS provides the Aeronautical Information Service as a specified service under the Air Traffic Services Licence granted to NATS by the Minister of State for Transport.

We offer free access to a range of on-line services to airlines, pilots and all those involved in flight planning and navigation in the UK and beyond.

  • UK Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP). This is static information, updated every 28 days, which contains information of lasting (permanent) character essential to air navigation.
  • UK AIP Supplements (SUPs). These are temporary changes to the AIP, which are usually of long duration and contain comprehensive text and/or graphics.
  • Aeronautical Information Circulars (AICs). These notices relate to safety, navigation, technical, administrative or legal matters.
  • NOTAM. These notices concern the condition or change to any facility, service or procedure notified within the AIP. NOTAM are available in the form of Pre-Flight Information Bulletins (PIB) using a live database.
  • VFR Chart Amendment Service. This is a full list of amendments to current charts, and other information relating to VFR charting.
  • UK Foreign IAIP Library. This is a library of foreign aeronautical information for flight planning purposes.

For up to date information on specific NOTAM, including Restricted Areas (Temporary), Airspace Upgrades and Emergency Restrictions of Flying, you can call the AIS Information Line on 08085 354802 or +44 (0)1489 887515.


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