Denmark/Iceland Charge Rates

Denmark/Iceland Charge Rate information

NATS Services Limited ("NSL") collect charges payable in pursuance of the Agreements on the Joint Financing of certain Air Navigation Services respectively in Greenland and the Faroe Islands and in Iceland, opened for signature in Geneva on 25th September 1956 (Cmnd. Nos. 677 and 678) as amended by the Protocols opened for signature at Montreal on 3rd November 1982 (Cmnd. Nos. 8844 and 8845) and as amended in 2008 pursuant to an ICAO State Letter IND/07/13 dated 12 July 2007.

The charges are as listed in the specification issued by the Civil Aviation Authority.

The amount of the charge is payable to NSL in GBP.

The per crossing charge rates in local currency are converted to GBP on a monthly basis using the Bloomberg Closing Mid Rates from the last day of the month 2 months prior to the rate being implemented (e.g. the closing GBP/DKK, GBP/ISK  or GBP/CAD rate at 30 September 2023 will be used to convert the charges to GBP for implementation on 1 November 2023 and so on).

The exchange rates are as follows:

Exchange Rates
Closing Mid Rate for Month Ended Charges Active From £/DKK £/ISK £/CAD
Aug-23 Oct-23 8.71 166.01 1.72

The crossing charges, as noted in the specification and converted to GBP are as follows:

GBP Denmark COM Iceland COM Denmark MET Iceland MET ICAO Admin Fee NAT RVSM User Charge NATS Administrative Fee Total Charge (Excl Distance Flown per 100km) Distance Flown Charge (Per 100km)
Oct-23 3.31 24.53 7.77 15.65 0.75 1.36 0.80 54.17 23.51


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