Airspace Optimisation key to unlocking Middle East Capacity

16 April 2012

Effective air traffic management critical for efficient and sustainable aviation growth, say speakers at Global Aerospace Summit

Today NATS participated in the inaugural Global Aerospace Summit in Abu Dhabi, UAE, to discuss the pivotal role air traffic management must play in shaping the future of the aerospace, aviation and space sectors.

“This summit marks the growing importance of the Gulf Region to the international aviation industry. NATS is proud to participate in such an influential dialogue at this critical juncture in managing the rapid expansion of air traffic movements in the Middle East. Particularly here in UAE, where the forecast growth in aircraft movements is prompting serious consideration of how airspace can facilitate expansion,” said Paul Reid, NATS Services Managing Director.

“As domestic and international air travel increases across the region, now is the time for countries to implement effective, efficient air traffic management systems to ensure this growth occurs in a safe, environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.”

At the summit, Senior Executives from NATS will speak on panels covering:

  • Investing in Airport Capacity While Keeping Customers Satisfied
  • Regulation, Profitability and Sustainability: how the environment, fuel prices and legislation impact airlines
  • Ensuring Safety in the Skies

NATS has worked with Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and UAE to support the safety efficiency and environmental performance of their airspace and has recently appointed John Swift as Director, NATS Middle East, to establish a permanent presence in the region. Demonstrating NATS’ strong commitment to the region, John will be based in Abu Dhabi and responsible for developing the current and future Middle East activities into a significant, sustainable business.

“With the rapid growth of aviation driving economic growth in the Gulf Region, an optimised ATC network is vital to keep pace with the speed of development,” said John. “As airlines, airports and governments are taking bold steps to future-proof their airspace, we believe that NATS is the right partner to support this progress.”

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