Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen Towers move to electronic flight strips

01 December 2010

The latest airport to benefit from EFPS is Glasgow, following Aberdeen and Edinburgh. The system provides increased efficiency, reducing workload through information sharing and helping to streamline operations.

While EFPS has been live at the main London airports for some time, the Scottish airports are the first in the UK to use it in the approach function as well as in the control towers.  For Aberdeen, EFPS was also adapted to cover the offshore area function for helicopter flights servicing the oil and gas industry.

Developed by NAV CANADA and also known as EXCDS, the system is well proven and is in use at airports in Denmark, Australia and the US as well as 75 locations in Canada.

Mike Culver

Mike Culver

“We’re very happy to see EFPS go live across Scotland,” said Mike Culver, General Manager Glasgow and Edinburgh Airports, NATS Services.  “EFPS not only gives efficiency benefits now, but also provides a great foothold for future development and growth.”

“We are pleased to continue and grow our association with NATS,” said John Crichton, NAV CANADA President and CEO. “The proven track record at the London airports illustrate the adaptability of the system to meet the unique traffic demands at each site.”

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