JET takes off in Hampshire at NATS inspiration day

06 July 2018

A charity set up in memory of Red Arrows pilot Jon Egging, who tragically lost his life while performing at the Bournemouth Air Festival in 2011, is now working to support children in Hampshire, with help from air traffic control provider NATS.

Currently operating in seven regions across the country, the Jon Egging Trust (JET) helps young people to identify their strengths, overcome adversity and work towards achieving their ambitions, something Jon was hugely passionate about.

NATS, based in Whiteley, launched the partnership by hosting a special event at its control centre in Swanwick. Twelve children from Brune Park School in Gosport were invited as part of JET’s ‘Inspirational Outreach’ programme, which aims to help young people develop teamwork, leadership and employability skills by linking them with inspirational people and environments connected to aviation, science and engineering.

The children were met by JET’s Area Director South, Allie Hack, and NATS’ Safety Specialist Martin Smith, to kick off the programme with a day of aviation themed activities and games.

Martin said: “I am so pleased that NATS is working with the Trust to help them expand into the Hampshire region.  This exciting development will enable the Trust to support even more young people.

“Our involvement will include offering mentoring and an insight into the world of Air Traffic Control, looking at communication skills, teamwork and leadership.”

As from September 2018, JET’s new Hampshire co-ordinator, which NATS has helped fund, will look after all of the schools and programmes in the trust’s newest region.

Allie Hack, JET’s Area Director South, said: “JET is extremely proud of our new partnership with NATS. The complex dynamic of their work and enthusiasm of the staff will enable us to provide high quality inspirational learning experiences for local students.

“Launching JET’s eighth region in Hampshire puts us on track to be working in nine regions by 2020 – and we couldn’t have done it without the support of NATS!”

Since the Trust launched in 2011, more than 10,000 young people have passed through JET’s two programmes – Inspirational Outreach and Blue Skies. As well as hosting the Inspirational Outreach day, NATS will support JET by hosting various mentoring sessions, involving children in industry events and fundraising for the trust.

Pictured: Children from Brune Park School taking part in the JET Inspirational Day at NATS control centre in Swanwick.



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