Major European ATM collaboration grows

04 March 2014

The iTEC (interoperability Through European Collaboration) project to develop a next-generation flight data processing system is to be extended further to include the Controller Working Position (CWP).

The Controller Working Position is a crucial element of a safe and effective air traffic control system and its inclusion in the collaboration represents an important further step towards trajectory management. Bringing CWP within the scope of the iTEC collaboration will improve interoperability and help realise the vision of a Single European Sky.

The technical and commercial conditions under which development and deployment of a common iTEC Controller Working Position (iTEC-CWP) will now be assessed in the coming months.

The announcement was made today at the beginning of the World ATM Congress by the Chief Executives of the iTEC collaboration, which brings together the air navigation service providers of Spain, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands alongside systems provider INDRA. Between them, they manage over 7.3 million flights per year. The inclusion of LVNL, the Netherlands’ ANSP, as an active iTEC member means that the benefits of the collaboration extend even further, driving greater efficiencies for Europe’s airspace users.

The CEO’s of the four iTEC ANSPs – AENA, DFS, LVNL and NATS - at the World ATM Congress.

The CEO’s of the four iTEC ANSPs – AENA, DFS, LVNL and NATS – at the World ATM Congress.

In a joint statement, the CEOs of the iTEC ANSPs said:

“iTEC will be key to the future success of some of the busiest airspace in Europe and, indeed the world. The inclusion of the controller working position in iTEC shows we’re committed to maximising the benefits of the collaboration for Europe’s airspace users.

“Collaboration of this sort will be essential in the successful deployment of SESAR and in realising the benefits, in terms of efficiency and service standards, which our customers expect. We are delighted to be working together and are making excellent progress in support of this goal.”

iTEC is fully in line with the European Commission objectives to achieve a Single European Sky (SES) and is a key enabler to deliver the benefits of SESAR, the technological component of SES.


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