Two Weeks Left to Submit Views on Airspace Proposal

13 July 2011

A consultation on airspace changes centred over the Irish Sea and touching North Wales and Western Lancashire closes next Friday, July 22, meaning there are nearly two weeks left for people to submit their views.

The changes are proposed by NATS, the UK’s leading provider of air traffic services, as part of a wider initiative with Ireland to improve the cross-border efficiency of the airspace system.

The benefits of the Irish Sea proposal include:

  • a reduction in fuel burn and CO2 generated by air traffic crossing the Irish Sea
  • reduced complexity in the air traffic system which will in turn reduce the likelihood of delays between the UK and Ireland
  • provision of airspace structures in the UK to support the development of innovative techniques that Dublin will use to reduce the need for holding aircraft in stacks prior to landing.

Achieving these benefits would mean moving some traffic flows; this would mean a reduction in over-flight of some areas and a commensurate increase in over-flight of others.  It would also affect the areas in which recreational flyers can operate.

In particular it would increase the number of flights over parts of North Wales but only at altitudes above 14,500ft.  It would also move an average of one aircraft every 2-3 hours into airspace at 6-7,000ft above Skelmersdale and Ormskirk, and 9,000ft over Southport and Formby.

Local councils, MPs and Welsh Assembly Members have been specifically notified of the consultation.  Full details of the consultation, and how to respond, are available on the NATS website at


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