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The Airspace+ visualisations below are typically created every one to two hours. All show the last 24 hours of air traffic in different regions except for London +2, which shows at a slightly slower pace, the last two hours of air traffic over the South East of England. We created this video as Southern England has some of the busiest and most complex airspace in the world.

Please note that; (1) all videos show time in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), and (2) if your selected video does not appear when you press play, it may be in the process of being updated, so refresh your page or try again later.

Aircraft position data used to create Airspace+ videos comes from a variety of sources including Radar as well as ADS-B and other sources provided by Global Flight Data Company AirNav Systems. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about Airspace+.


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