FAQs & troubleshooting

AFPEx FAQs & troubleshooting

We have collected common questions and troubleshooting issues and answered them below.

If you have an AFPEx related question which is not addressed within these, please contact us

Please follow the setup guide to install the software required to run the AFPEx application.

For any issues in logging in, after checking you are able to connect to the internet you should call the AFPEx helpdesk number found in the Contact Us page and our staff will be able to help you log in.

The AFPEx helpdesk is not a general support helpdesk, we are unable to help you with problems relating to general configuration of your Operating System. If you have followed the setup guide and are still unable to access the AFPEx system, you may require IT support from a third party.

AFPEx is intuitive and requires just basic computer literacy skills. The Guides section above covers most of the day to day functions that can be performed on the system.  AFPEx contains a comprehensive online help system, so assistance will be available for specific pages. If you are really stuck, our support staff will be available to help you on the 24 hour Helpdesk number.

Certain users will be set up for roaming access. This will allow them to access their mailbox from any PC worldwide with internet connection that fits the Java and Browser requirements. This includes internet cafes, libraries and hotels.

To get back to your pending messages, close all open tabs and then press 'Ctrl + t', this will take you back to your pending message list.

The following are the minimum system requirements that should be installed on your PC to enable access to the AFPEx Application:

Azul Java 11 software installed

CADAS-ATS software installed

Ensure your Java version is at least Azul Java 11 and that your internet connection is working.

If you are using a shortcut from your desktop to try and launch AFPEx this will be trying to launch the old version of software, please delete the link completely. Now visit to login afresh. If you are unable to login at this stage please clear your browser's cache, the browser session and try again. If you are still having problems and you are using a company intranet service to launch the application please see below.

If you wish to create a new shortcut please use the following

AFPEx is a client server system, where users log in remotely to the servers located at NATS. If you are able to logon then you are looking directly into your mailbox and any replies will be delivered there within seconds of receipt. This means that it is likely that your message was either addressed incorrectly or we have not received a message to deliver to your mailbox.

NOTE: You will not normally receive any response to VFR flight plan submissions.

It is possible that you have been locked out of your account for consecutive failed login attempts. Please contact the AFPEx Helpdesk, 01489 612792, to have your access restored.

Please check with your IT department before proceeding with software installation or system changes.

Please follow these instructions in order:

1. Check that the required software is installed successfully:

a. Go to Start > Settings > Apps & Features - there should be entries for both:

Azul Zulu JRE 11.x.x
CADAS-ATS Terminal

b. If one or both is missing, we advise you try reinstalling as per the setup guide, then re check as step 1 above

c. If this is unsuccessful please contact your IT department first to troubleshoot the installation and if still unsuccessful, contact us via Email: [email protected]

2. Check that the CadasAtsStart application runs:

a. Browse to C:/Program Files (x86)/CADAS-ATS   or   C:\users\\AppData\Local\Programs\CADAS-ATS    (depending whether you installed CADAS-ATS terminal for all users or just yourself

b. Double click on the CadasAtsStart.exe application

c. A CADAS-ATS Terminal Launcher dialogue box should appear indicating 'No startup file or URL specified!'


e. Click OK

f. If the file does not run your system may be blocking the application from running - we advise you ask your IT department to check your  security settings.

3. Visit the AFPEX service address: , click on 'AFPEx Login' and check that a .cadas file has been downloaded by going to your browser's menu and viewing downloads.

a. If the file has not been downloaded,  your browser or system may be blocking the file from being downloaded - we advise you ask your IT department to check your browser or security settings.

4. If the .cadas file is being downloaded, view your downloads folder from your browser and check that it is being opened with the correct application:

a. From your browser menu, choose downloads, then 'open downloads folder'

b. right click the file and choose 'open with' - this should indicate that it is currently set to start with CadasAtsStart.exe

c. If no application is shown or a different application is shown the .cadas file will need to be associated with the CadasAtsStart application for the AFPEx service to open

i. check with your IT department that it is OK to proceed with this change
iiFrom the 'open with' dialogue, click on 'more apps'
iii. scroll down and click on 'look for another app on this PC'
iv. Browse to C:/Program Files (x86)/CADAS-ATS   or   C:\users\\AppData\Local\Programs\CADAS-ATS    (depending whether you installed CADAS-ATS terminal for all users or just yourself)
v. select 'CadasAtsStart.exe' and click on open.
vi. The .cadas file should now show as a blue circle, try clicking on the .cadas file - it should open the NATS AFPEx Terminal

d. If the application does not run, try uninstalling both CADAS-ATS Terminal and Azul Zulu JRE 11., rebooting and reinstalling and rechecking from step 1 above.

e. If the application still does not run,  your browser or system may be blocking the file from being opened - we advise you ask your IT department to check your browser or security settings.


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