Requesting Meteorological Data

Metorological data requests

The Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network is not only used to transfer flight plan data, it is also used to transfer meteorological data. METARs, TAFs and SIGMETs may be requested from the Meteorological Database held at Belgocontrol in Brussels. Follow the steps below to request Meteorological data.

  • Select the Free Text ATS Message option from the Message menu of AFPEx.
  • Enter EBBRYZYX into the first Addressees box.
  • Enter RQM (Request Met) into the message body followed by:
    • /SA to request a METAR
    • /FC to request a 9-hour TAF
    • /FT to request a 24- or 30-hour TAF
    • /WS to request all SIGMETs for the specified FIRs
  • This is followed immediately by the ICAO designators for the Aerodromes (or FIRs if requesting SIGMETs), separated by commas.
  • Type Ctrl-E to check the message format before clicking Send.
  • The requested data will be sent from the OPTMET database and appear as Pending Messages and in your AFPEx in folder.


- to request the latest METAR for Heathrow
- to request the latest METARs for London City and Gatwick
- to request the current 9-hour TAF for Farnborough
- to request the current 24- or 30-hour TAFs for Luton and Stansted
- to request all valid SIGMETs for the London FIR

These requests may be combined into one message in the following format:

- to request the METARs and TAFs for Heathrow and Gatwick; and all SIGMETs for the London FIR

Requesting a 9-hour TAF (FC) or a 24/30-hour TAF (FT) from an aerodrome that doesn't issue them (e.g. Heathrow only issues 30-hour TAFs) will return a response of unknown.


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