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We have over 50 years of experience delivering a wide range of engineering, technical and overview courses to give engineers and support teams the skills, knowledge, and competencies they need to successfully deliver in live environments.

We train essential engineers to work to the highest quality so that they are prepared for every eventuality. The performance of our trainees is important to us; and we ensure that individuals finish a course feeling confident and capable of operating in high pressure situations to maintain an engineering infrastructure that is a critical part to most national transport systems.

Our customers

Our satisfied customers over the past 50 years include, but are not limited to, the UK Civil Aviation Authority, all levels of AQUILA ATMS staff, regional airport engineers and managers, and international clients such as LVNL, UAE CAA, Eurocontrol member state engineers, and the Department of Civil Aviation in Aruba.

Our team

NATS Technical Training Services is a team of highly motivated and qualified engineers, all with certification from TAP Learning. We are professionals with the specialist system knowledge, skills and understanding required to deliver the appropriate training to all levels of expertise – from apprentice-level students all the way to high performance specialist engineers.

Our training

We provide a variety of engineering courses across four training categories:

Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP) Training

Spanning eight globally recognised courses.

Instructor/Assessor Training

Including On Job Training Instructor (OJTI) & Technical Skills Assessor (TSA) training courses.

Technology Training

Including Internet Protocol, CISCO & LINUX technology training courses.

Equipment Training

Including VCCS, DVOR and DME equipment training courses.

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